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Payment Made on time but not updated to Credit Bureaus(CIBIL/EXPERIAN)

Posted: 03-09-2019 14:30:26Vikram Singh

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As I have taken a loan and I haven't had the credentials to login to CASHe some day later I have listened a threatening calls from them for not only my number and all the contacts i had and I am challenging you guys and I have all the recordings of abusive words the lady who spoke (shwetha) and a fraud call from police and he legally wants to create a fir on and I am very challenging to go to station also that doesn't matter and I am consulting a lawyer with all the evidences I have with me also the recordings of whom ever they all spoke and I am also be ready to face all the consequences and and this is for sure very shortly I will be reaching to all the levels of misconolence and misobedience and misbehaviour with the court notice under the ndictment of an offence falling within section 32(1)(a) of the act racially or religiously aggravated under section 2 of the protection from harassment. Also with the complete personnel with the hearing. And this is to be taken to to the higher level of consent and also to bring in notice of all the clients or customers of CASHe who had gone through all these harassments

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Posted on 12-09-2019 14:20:22 Casheapp
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Hi Vikram, we have replied to your query via email.


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