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Cheating in online loan from Cashe

Posted: 22-03-2020 02:03:17Umesh

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CASHe Customer Care

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have taken multiple loan from cashe since last 3 years and paid on time. In August 2019 i have taken loan of Rs. 137000 for the tenure of 6 month and received only Rs. 118000 in may account and rest of amount deducted for 6 month interest and insurance. I paid 3 Emi of rs. 24477 on time but due to loss my job i unable to pay rest EMI of Jan 20 and Feb 2020. On dated 5th March 2020 i received call from cashe collection team that we are ready to waive your penalty you have to pay 3 EMI of Rs. 24477 by 9th March, 10th April and 10th MaiI. After received mail from collection team i agreed with this condition and paid 4 th EMI of Rs. 24477 on 9th march.
After payment of EMI still they sending daily reminder mail, sms and payment request sms with incresed amount. On 16th March they also autodebit in my account for Rs. 24477 which is failed. Now no one is attending my call and they send me dummy legal notice with all false information and to pay additional charge of rs. 10000.
During Dec 19 to March they have already hit autodebit in my account more than 20 times, for which my bank charged me around 10000 for autodebit fail.

Umesh Dubey

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Posted on 01-04-2020 11:28:56 new Pvbhat
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I have paid all my dues sent screenshot but still you are not updating it and sending multiple emails on reminders and performing auto debit multiple times.Also harassing in my parents un necessarily. When we call back or whatsapp to the number they won't respond. They have sent receipts of my payment but have not updated. Sending reminders again n again


Posted on 24-03-2020 18:24:18 Casheapp
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Hi Umesh, we have replied to your query via email. Request you to refer the email.


Posted on 24-03-2020 16:43:27 Casheapp
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Hi Umesh, we will check about this with the concerned team and will update you on it.


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