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    Aw Shucks! Bad news….we’re trying to get in touch with the company, but they don’t seem interested in resolving complaints.
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    Complaints & Reviews from CASHe

  • CASHe / Loan

    Cashe customer on 16 Sep 2019

    I applied 2 days back and its still showing berification in progress. We can not contact or followup as there is no customer no. Kindly contact 7038807369...

     India |  PuneMaharashtra   Loans comments (0)

  • CASHe / Loan payment done but not reflecting on app

    Pabi Moha on 13 Sep 2019

    Hello Cash e team, I have been writing to cash e support for my repayment which is 10400 which I made before due date. My due date was oct 4 and I had paid it before that which was on September 6th. But so far it's not been updated not any one responding properly. Even paytm is saying they have transferred this amount to the cashe account and deposited to their account but still they are not updating on the app. My registered gmail id is [email protected]

     India |  PuneMaharashtra   Loans comments (1)

  • CASHe / Not getting proper response

    Abhishek Soni on 12 Sep 2019

    Dear Team I am Abhishek soni . I have taken more than 7 times cashe loan. This time I applied for a loan but still did not get any response from them it is showing under verification for last 3 days.According to them a client is not eligible to pay Rs 29 k emi but he can pay Rs 37 K emi for very short of period. In app I am getting insurance notification where as my previous insurance itself is valid for one year but asking again deduction I cleared the loan before two EMIs because I ...

     India |  BangaloreKarnataka   Loans comments (1)

  • CASHe / Using abusing language and very very bad behavior.

    User on 12 Sep 2019

    Dear CASHE, I know very well my 2 EMI are pending.and I already told your executive to I will pay that amount early as possible but your executive name rahul bane 8828577595 and 8355923172 He using very very bad and abusive language with as women I can't listen and I am really not accepting that words and they called some persons for this recovery..and don't knw who's that persons but still they are called to that people and using same language and tone. If your client is contact with you an...

     India |  PuneMaharashtra   Loans comments (1)

  • CASHe / Cashe 30 loan

    Ritesh on 12 Sep 2019

    I send lot of mail but you don't reply any of my mail. I already paid my loan amount on 2nd of September 2019. because you said my prosesing fees refund. but you don't update my loan amount on your portal. and you inisiated NCH on my account that's why penelty of rupees 413 is debited my account are responsible for that and also responsible for my cibil score down. I already send you my bank statement on 9th September but no any reply and solution. I'm again request to you please ca...

     India |  UjjainMadhya Pradesh   Loans comments (1)

  • CASHe / Threatening

    SHOBHA SV on 11 Sep 2019

    Hello Cashe Team, This is regarding the behaviour of your recovery agents. Agent name is Rahul (8291976339) this guy is speaking so rude and blackmailing me. Telling that if u dont make the payment today i will call your HR that this. I need to know is that guy sensless or what, When i have borrowed money i will repay it and if its delayed i am responsible for the penalty charges and i do payment including that and you guys telling hr . will my hr do the payment. if so then why you l...

     India |  MumbaiMaharashtra   Loans comments (1)

  • CASHe / I didn't received loan ammout . asking repayment.

    ramesh t on 08 Sep 2019

    I asked loan from chshe.last one week before still it is showing verification going on u r I got call u have to pay instalment October like call came from customer care...

     India |  HyderabadTelangana   Loans comments (1)


    ankit rawat on 04 Sep 2019

    I GOT CHARGED TWICE ON MY LOAN ACCOUNT. I MADE THE FULL PAYMENT ON 31st August AND CLEARED ALL MY DUES TILL August. STILL I GOT CHARGED TWICE on 3rd SEPTEMBER BECAUSE OF AUTO DEBIT. i already share the bank statement on [email protected] but NO ONE IS HELPING ME IN RECOVERING THE EXTRA AMOUNT WHICH I PAID TO CASHE and there is no contact no. to reach them. Regards, Ankit Rawat Phone - 8800832342...

     India |  DelhiDelhi   Loans comments (2)

  • CASHe / Payment Made on time but not updated to Credit Bureaus(CIBIL/EXPERIAN)

    Vikram Singh on 03 Sep 2019

    As I have taken a loan and I haven't had the credentials to login to CASHe some day later I have listened a threatening calls from them for not only my number and all the contacts i had and I am challenging you guys and I have all the recordings of abusive words the lady who spoke (shwetha) and a fraud call from police and he legally wants to create a fir on and I am very challenging to go to station also that doesn't matter and I am consulting a lawyer with all the evidences I have with me als...

     India |  MumbaiMaharashtra   Law & Civil Rights comments (1)

  • CASHe / No proper response(contact number-9000800177) and loan account number-CLN2671731

    Mahesh Vihan on 28 Aug 2019

    They are fooling people, they are taking all the documents and are not bothered to respond to your mails, you just get auto generated mails. Applied 5 days ago and nobody even calls to check or inform why it’s pending. They take signed mandate even before approving your loan....

     India |  HyderabadTelangana   Business & Finances comments (2)


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