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Application Approved/Loan Amount not Credited

Posted: 11/02/2019 16:41:17Vibinkumar

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CASHe Customer Care

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Hello All,

I have applied for Medical Loan of Rs.82,000/- through CASHe app on 06-Feb-2019. My Loan Application (CLN204679) has been approved on 07-Feb-2019 but still, now I didn't receive the loan amount into bank Account number.

Without crediting the loan amount the app is showing the Due Date (09-Mar-2019) with an EMI amount of Rs. 14609/-.

Regarding this issue, I have sent some emails to "[email protected]" but no responses from the team (Ticket Number: 1365104, 1371273,1378554).

I have enclosed the image files for your kind reference and take appropriate action.


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