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Posted: 31-08-2016 14:40:56Akitir

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Canadian Visa Review Customer Care

I am a very small visa consultant from a humble unassuming city.

Recently I received several calls from my clients regarding a negative comment posted about my consultancy, on a website named ‘Canadian Visa Review’. Initially, I was really taken aback as my clients are like my family and I am in touch with all of them. I was unaware of who that client was, who wrote the negative remarks about my establishment. I failed to understand why he didn’t speak to me directly or write an email to me if he was that unhappy with my consultancy’s services. So I tried to recollect whether I had happened to offend any of my clients unknowingly in the past 3-4 months.

Mine is a proprietary business and hence I ensure to respond to every call of mine. It’s very disheartening for a small firm like ours to see a client leave dissatisfied. I work from home AND office. My home IS my office and that’s why I am available to my clients any time as per their convenience. It really affects us personally when we receive any kind of negative feedback from a client.

I controlled my reactions and emotions for the moment, and decided to have a look at the ‘Canadian Visa’ website for the comment that was posted. I was shocked to see that the comment had really bad abusive language about my proprietorship.  The comment was posted by some Mr. Raju Singh K. As I could not recall Mr. Raju, I immediately examined my data base, to check whether I really did have a client by that name. With the help of data softwares, I scanned the records to the past 7 years and found that we had only one client by the name Raju K. This client of mine came to us four years ago, for consultation services for his son, who is now happily settled in Canada.

I could not figure out why he would write such a negative feedback about my firm, that too after almost 4 years. Just to inquire and resolve his query, I wrote him an email, asking whether he was not satisfied with our services back then… or was there any other issue that prompted him to post such a comment.  According to the reply received from him, he didn’t post any such comment on ANY website. His son is happily settled in Canada and someone might have faked his name.

As my next action, I wrote a mail to ‘Canada Visa Review’ asking for an explanation for posting that complaint about us on their website, without verifying it with us. As per their information, we never had a client by that particular name. This is naturally (and a bit obviously), a straightforward attempt to defame my organization and adversely affect my business. This could have been done by any of my previous associates or employees who had been recently terminated by my secretary or HR, due to his/her lazy or lethargic approach to work.

I requested the website to remove that comment from their website immediately, to which they simply refused.

So I offered them a legal proposition stating - “You have all the rights to post a complaint on your website, if you can prove that he is my client. The complainant should also be asked to mention his receipt number or the unique ID number provided by us over there.” 

The reply I received from them was demeaning and condescending, that it is none of their business and they have nothing to with Mr. Raju.

I called… and literally pleaded with them that I hold a very small organization and this negative comment is affecting my image and business. “What can I do to get this comment removed from your website?

You would not believe what they said next! It was like a thorn to my patience, honor and passion.

They asked me to make a payment of USD $750 for taking off that “ONE” negative comment. Who the hell does that?!!!!  750 dollars is my monthly earning, after running my business for 7 years!  I felt absolutely downtrodden. Furthermore…to add insult to injury, they even claimed that every consultant paid them and it wasn’t a big deal, which obviously was not true! (They definitely assumed I was running a huge business)

I highly doubt that they randomly pick up names from anywhere and write negative reviews so that they can mint money from people like us.

While surfing various sites looking for a solution, I found that I was not the only one who has suffered. There are too many people like me who have gone through the same situation and have been blackmailed by Canada Visa Review in the past. To support my statement and appeals, attached is a video to zap you.

Thanks to my relentless research (as you can now see); I found that the so called “team” on Canadian Visa Review is nothing but a massive sham. You can view http://www.canadianvisareview.com/meet-the-team/ and then drag and drop the images of the “team members” into Google Images and you’ll see that their editor-copywriter-blogger is actually a model whose stock picture can be purchased over the net for 5 dollars. And their website guru is actually Matt Cooke - an ice hockey, NHL player! So, basically the website is an affluent proprietorship that can afford a model to be a content writer, and an NHL player to be a coding guru…and I’m sure it has its own solar system as well!!! *pun intended*

I sincerely request all my friends to come forward and join hands against this deplorable & illegal site that has been killing small thriving businesses like mine, by blackmailing us. Let’s unite and file a “Class Action Suit” against them, and send a request to CIC & the Canadian Government to take stringent action on this website immediately.


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Posted on 07-09-2016 15:30:40 Bad Good and Ugly
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Oh My God ! its such a big sham


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