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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Delivered fake shoe's, not returning money

    Himanshu Chaudhary on 24 Mar 2020

    I have ordered shoe's order ID 6190055455.they send me fake shoes I returned it on 4/03/2020 after that they took my bank details for returning money eg 1k. But no money credited yet....

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  • E-Shopping / Smart watch, not any status

    Vikas Pathak on 03 Feb 2020

    Koi responce nahi... order kaha h... any status...

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  • Satellite & Cable TV / Refund my money

    Syughcs Kzz on 04 Feb 2020

    Hello sir, I am avdhesh Kumar mishra and I recharged tata sky well the amount 23 and money is deducted but recharge not done . Please refund my money back to my account. There is screenshot of my transaction....

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  • Products & Services / Fraudsters

    Deeps Bharate on 17 Feb 2020

    This is a fraud company. They took all the Money and do not provide the sightseeing as given... Once we make the payment they stop receiving the calls... Specially Anushka... Pls do not deal with her... And do not deal with this company... As per the policy i as supposed to get the refund but they refused...

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  • Loans / CASHe Customer Care

    Ajmul on 19 Feb 2020

    Hi I had clearly informed I have financial crisis and would not be able to do the payment but I would do it once I get the cash and I had dropped plently of mails about this and in spite of this I keep getting threatening calls and harrassment calls stating cashe team and they are using abusing words and also threatening as my details would be leaked out and also my phone will be hacked which is against law. Also,today I received the call from JAYARAJ - Recovery agent where he used nasty and un...

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  • Loans / Loan Approved but no amount disbursed yet

    yugank srivastava on 05 Mar 2020

    Hi team, I am a regular customer wth cashe with 995 SLQ Rating and paid ontime everytime . I have a approved amount of 50k loan cashe180 product but not recived the amount yet. I have a medical emergency therefore applied for loan everything is done from my side but there is not a single call and reply why its taking time and why not amount is disbursed yet. Please help me!! NAME : yugank srivastava Contact number : 9873554112 8929376048 Other details : screen...

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  • Loans / Personal loan

    Sujeet jaiswar on 11 Feb 2020

    Sir my name is Sujit waste I Money Market finance from Rs Lon to apply done which was to proceed again ४२०० been solicited in which the RU day after I ९७०० and has been its abroad and I refused and when I ४२०० solicited uttered not to give Sir what I do sir my mid-case...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / False information/ Fraud/ Threatening

    Petrina Pledger on 25 Feb 2020

    Team I have Petrina from India But living in California.Through Instagram I found Vaishnav Designers Couture who posted offers on clothing.I order one Lengha on 12th December 2019 from the seller name Shweta Singh from UP India.And she asked to make payment to confirm the order so I paid ₹1950 to her bank account on 14th December 2019 after that no response on delivery days nothing was informed.Just asked for the payment and took measurements.After a week I messaged her on Instagram about the p...

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  • Security Services / Return/Refund damage Product

    MOHD ZAKIR on 12 Mar 2020

    मैंने MRSPY पर देखा कि ये कंपनी पेन कैमरा और अलग CCTV आदि कैमरा मे डील करती है मैंने इनके पास एक HD पेन कैमरा देखा और उसके बाद उस पेन के ग्राहक फीडबैक देखे सभी फीडबैक एक दम 101% पॉजिटिव है एक भी कस्टमर फीडबैक नेगटिव नहीं है आज भी! फीडबैक देखकर मैंने सोचा एक ये पेन कैमरा में ऑडर कर देता हूं! मैंने पेन बिना ज्यादा कुछ देखे ऑडर कर दिया कुछ समय बाद मैंने इस पेन को ऑनलाइन पोर्टल और मार्किट मे खोजा तो ये देखा कि ये पेन 90% लोगो के पास ख़राब जाता है और ये MRSPY इसको वापस नहीं करती है जबकि इन्होने 30 ...

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  • Schools / Loan did not receive

    Ajay singh on 01 Feb 2020

    Mujhse 4200 rs jama karwaya our loan nahi diya meri wife hospital me hai...

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