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  • Internet Providers / Frequent Disruption of Internet Service

    jitu.sheth on 22 Mar 2019

    MyAccount No. 1168300860 I have a frequent disruption in internet service. You may see the attached list of my complaints in March. In this month the internet stopped working 5 times. The last one is on March 20th and still not reinstated despite several calls and followup only to hear 'sorry' 'it will start by evening or next day' and nothing is happening. When I request to speak to the supervisor, I have always been told 'he's busy', 'he will call you back' and never ever calls. I am in IT...

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  • Satellite & Cable TV / Videocon D2H/ No signal for past 2 days

    Nitin Bhatnagar on 21 Mar 2019

    videocon D2H ID:- 172964512. We are not getting any signal for last 2 days. I am continuously calling to customer care number for channel selection but till today i cant able connect with them as every time when i select to speak with customer care option it says that all representatives are busy and after few minutes the call is disconnects automatically from there side....

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  • Satellite & Cable TV / Blocks all my channel

    Mukesh Chandiramani on 18 Mar 2019

    from-mohan chandiramani,7a-30navjivan soc,lamington rd,mumbai-400008,customer id 21611693 videocon d2h blocks all my channel recharge date april 2019 kindly pay me compensation for the same mobile-8850536058...

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  • Consumer Electronics / Iphone charging case

    Raviraj Paranjape on 17 Mar 2019

    Sir i have ordered the iPhone charging case from here and paid the amount from paytm and today they are showing that u don't uave any order. Sir Please help me from this situation and help me to refund my money contact number 7770019999...

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  • Loans / EMI DUE DATE

    namrata sanas on 14 Mar 2019

    iI NAMRATA CHANDRAKANT SANAS m taking loan from manba finance since 2 years and this is my 3 rd year my problem is since last 2 year my due date is 8 every month and now suddenly this year my emi due date is 5 so i called and talked about this with manba who gave me this loan Mr ROSHAN SURESH HULE manba agent and he said we dont ask to customer about emi due date cahnges infact i called twice to manba finance and the mam who receved my call i told her whole story she said manba agent should ha...

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  • Wedding Services / Violation of contract by wedding planner

    Dipinty Sharma on 12 Mar 2019

    I want to file complaint against our wedding planners, who have violated our contract , is asking for more money and is refusing to give us the photographs of the event (which was a main part of the package). We have made the full payment, but he is asking for more money now that the event is over. We had already fixed a budget, had increased it on his insistence, then emailed him that this is final budget and under no circumstances shall this be increased. He had replied to the email saying th...

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  • Repair Services / Rs.20000/- Money taken as advance is not returned and service not done.

    subramanya S on 12 Mar 2019

    Mr. Manoj - The company representative had demanded an amount of Rs. 20000/- (Twenty Thousand Rupees) as an advance for servicing LED TV on 21/09/2018. The same amount has been tranferred through Online Banking to his account. After two months the TV was returned without being serviced. Mr Manoj promised to return the advance amount immediately. But from past 6 months the person has been giving reasons and asking for more time. Few weeks back he has blocked my phone number and is not answering...

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  • Loans / No due still amount got debited from my account

    Imran Sayyed on 11 Mar 2019

    I was having an open loan of 11,000/- from CAHe and the due date was 09-03-2019 I have received text message saying pls. keep sufficient balance in your account but my account has not hit on 09-03-2019 and I was writing mail to CASHe on [email protected] and today morning I did an NEFT to CASHe (Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd) my account got debited & it got reflect on app too but now @ 4.00PM again CASHe has debited my account by 11,000/- I have also wrote a mail to them by no response. ...

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  • Banks / Loan amount paid still no updation in Cibil

    Shah Sayyed on 09 Mar 2019

    Myself sayyed CLN #999990000112931 It's been a year had settled my a/c even after the payment you haven't updated. I request and humble advice you to start coordinating and update my payment in system because of that my cibil is effecting. kindly resolve ASAP and provide me with the loan closure letter or any kind of acknowledgement 8655031874 8655031874...

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  • Citizenship and Immigration Services / Closure of agreement without any discussion

    Devika on 08 Mar 2019

    I have paid them to get assistance for job seeker visa for Germany. They assisted me and I have got my interview fixed with German embassy at Mumbai. The consular officer clearly told that my degree authorization is must for this process. When I spoke to radvision about this they said they do not have any information about it and are not ready to give any proof otherwise. Without even discussing it further they closed my agreement via mail inspite of I have send them a mail to wait before any f...

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  • Government & Police / No update on PAN application

    Jyotsna Kher on 01 Mar 2019

    I had to apply for a change in name on my PAN as my name on my physical PAN and ITD records don't match which is causing issue with my EPF KYC. I applied for the name change Order id : JY-15505566097CR on 19th February and submitted hard copies of application, pan card, Aadhar card and passport. They have asked to produce further more documents for the application which is not needed as the NSDL have agreed for the name change with just the Aadhar card. After multiple follow up, they send me a ...

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  • Loans / Loan rejection

    Pratik on 01 Mar 2019

    They have appointed inefficient and unknowledgeable people. First they checked my eligibility for loan, generated loan account no, took all of my documents and then after few days said loan is rejected. My Rm and sales officer Mr eknath sable guaranteed me that you will get the loan. Registered complaint about it with grievance department but no reply till yet. Super pathetic service to a customer who has been account holder for more than 6 years. Have all the audio recordings of communications...

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  • Equipment Leasing & Financing / Worst and fakeful service from videocon

    sachin123456 on 28 Feb 2019

    Worst and fakeful service from videocon D2H ID:- 37953357 Videocon D2H I have recharged my videocon d2h 17th feb 2019. recharge was done successfully but channel isn't working yet. I am continuously calling to customer care number for channel selection but till today i cant able yo connect them as every time when i select to speak with customer care option to check mera wala plan but all time they are putting me on hold and says that all calls are busy ...after few minutes the call automat...

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  • Motorcycles & Scooters / Cheating at Royal Enfield Workshops with Customers In Pune

    Ashish Ambule on 27 Feb 2019

    I would like to highlight the concern regarding cheating with a customer at Royal Enfield workshops in Pune. I recently gave my Royal Enfield classic 350 for servicing and some major parts replacements (like chainspocet replacement, swing arm replacement and front wheel bearing replacement etc). But what happened with me, they charged full money for parts but the didn’t replace that (chainspoket front wheel which is inside RH side cover). After 4/5 days when I realised that part is not chang...

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  • Motorcycles & Scooters / Bran New Pulsar RS200 bike cheat by showroom executive

    Justine Jose on 22 Feb 2019

    Issue summary: Bike purchased from Garve Bajaj on 31st of December 2018 through executive Rohan whose number was published on Bajaj website(+91 79-72915299/+91 91583 39300). First week of Jan itself noticed sounds from bike and informed Rohan but he said it’s minor and requested to wait till RTO passing (Next week)so that he can fix it together. There was no update on RTO passing and contacted executive multiple times. Second week passed. January18th, bike got minor scratches (attached pict...

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  • Education / Fake product of byjus

    Ashwini Bhelkar Kshirsagar on 17 Feb 2019

    I have purchased from byjus 6 to 12 std programme for 1 lakh .I had paid 15000 already .Remaining balance will be taken from my bank account by ecs by byjus.As I found it is only marketing scam I am not interested is this product.Counceller told me I will get worksheets according to my child's school syllabus .But when I asked mentor for worksheet she told she can't provide it.As 1 lakh cost is for tablet and memory cards only .None of byjus mentors will know your childs std in which child stu...

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  • Travel Agencies / Paid the amount and still showing as not recieved

    Nisha Acharya on 14 Feb 2019

    Hi team, You really need to work with the team.. Its showing not paid and its overdue. None of your team members called me and the collection team is calling me...

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  • Repair Services / Repair of washing machine

    Kavita Bhanushali on 14 Feb 2019

    I purchased spin motor of washing machine....They came and setup a new motor with a warranty of 1 year ....But now within a month motor is not working...We are requesting them since a long time to replace the motor but they are not replying please help...

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  • Satellite & Cable TV / Not able to see any channel in spite of huge balance

    agalone on 12 Feb 2019

    My customer ID is 160836629. I have an account balance of Rs 9507 .15. Since last 5 days I am not able to see any channel. I have lodged complaint several times . My complaints nos are 687918081 and 687959749 dated 09/02/19, There helplines nos are not connecting but somehow it was connected on 09/02/2019. As per discussion with there representatives, after introduction of create my own pack by TRAI, they are not able to add any channel from their side and ask me to do it from their website www...

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  • Collections Agencies / Western kurti

    Reshma on 08 Feb 2019

    Very cheap and low quality. Very upset with it. Please find the owner i want to apply black color on his or her face...

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