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  • Astrology Readers / Paid moneyin Oct 2017...yet to give report

    Chandrashekar GK on 12 Jan 2019

    I paid in October 2017, yet Mr rishab is give report...he is misusing collecting money and not giving report...many requests he never given report.. kindly make him repent for these actions...

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  • Loans / Payment Made on time but not updated to Credit Bureaus(CIBIL/EXPERIAN)

    Kiran K on 11 Jan 2019

    I made a biggest mistake in my life which is nothing but loan from Cashe. I took this loan in Jan 2017 and I repaid the amount on time. But it was not updated with Credit Beureaus. I work for SW Organisation.During Project change in Nov 2018 BGC was initiated and in that report it was clearly visible that my loan with Cashe is still in Active status and I have over due of Rs.5000. My project HR called for discussion today and demaned for Credit Clearence Letter and I tried reaching Cashe for N...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Shoe rack

    Bhanu raman on 03 Jan 2019

    The product is delivered without holes at the back. How can we wall mount it? The distributes from Bangalore - Zabiulla - has his phone off and has not responded to my messages for replacement. Awful . do not buy such defective products....

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  • Loans / Repayment issue

    dibyani saha on 31 Dec 2018

    My due date was 22nd Nov but I am unable to pay within grace period which is 31st for the reason that I m in hospital since two weeks. Today, dated 31st Dec, one guy called me and I have requested him to give me time till 5th Jan but he is misbehaved with me and threatening me and my friends and family member. As a woman, I will go to lodge a complaint against your company to mishaved with a woman. See my past history, I paid within due date. Now wait for a call from police and women commission...

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  • Citizenship and Immigration Services / Morevisas Reviews and Complaints

    Rakshitha m on 28 Dec 2018

    Firstly my friend was approached moreviasas. After approaching morevisas. they had assigned one case officer. but he didn't supported him well. Then after they had assigned allotted him another case officer, now his visa process has gone smooth. So, my doubt is shall i consult `this Immigration Consultancy for my visa process?...

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  • Consumer Electronics / MII3 Smart Band | Return

    S Kumar on 28 Dec 2018

    Yesterday I received the product and after checking it , it was not up to the mark and not able to connect from my mobile. Hence wanted to return the product. I was trying to contact the support contact center but getting switched off message. Hence help to proceed further. Order ID: 707629...

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  • Furniture / Damro Furniture - Damaged Reclyner sofa worth 1L within few months

    Rajashaker Reddy on 25 Dec 2018

    We purchased 3+2 seater reclyne sofa for 1Lakh. We informed to damro on sofa damage due to poor and pathetic leather within 6months. But they took for service instead of replace the poor quality item. Again we have observed peeled stiches and tored leather at few places. After frequent complaints, they took for service by assuring(i.e service will be done by use geniune leather material. But even after few months sofa in bad shape. Mean time we asked for replacement by paying extra amount. But ...

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  • Loans / Deteriorated cibil score

    asadullah rahim on 23 Dec 2018

    I have paid the full loan amount and received a message that if I pay the balance amount before 31st march then the interest will be waived off so called the customer care and paid the balance 5000 and after asking for noc they told that within 5 days I will receive. After few months got called that I have to pay the interest and when I confronted with waiver message the guy told he can't waive it of and I have to pay. Made so many complaints but of no avail....

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / I haven't received my item

    seema on 08 Dec 2018

    I have purchased a gown from avoonik worth RS 399 through Razorpay on 26th October but have not received my items yet and did not get refunded amount also.I have dropped many mail to avoonik site but did not receive any response. I wat my money back and want goverment to take any action on such fake site . I am gonna file a case on cousumer forum for such fake site....

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Saree not got

    Been K on 02 Dec 2018

    ordered a saree on 29/10/2018 , order no.58899 I had made my payment through Card for Rs. 399, after the placing order the company showed your order delivered within 8-10 days but still it is not yet delivered. The payment of Rs. 399 paid through Razorpay. If avoonik is unable to deliver the my order, please return back my money. Please do it as soon as possible my email id [email protected]

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  • Mobile & Cell Phones / Fraud in the name of delivering mobile from USA to India

    Simran on 25 Nov 2018

    Hai, im from india and i got his contact +17272203386 in facebook in the name of TELECOM SHOP Ltd i booked 2 mobile from him and he asked for the delivery money and i paid him a amount of 20,000INR and after 1 day he asked me 28,000INR again for custom and after reaching India a local number +918116549433 texted in whatsaap asking for 40,000INR he is total fraud and cheating, he tells ll get mobile after 6 months. If anyone finds this guy please post up here. I so badly want to kick him...

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  • Other / Devansh Chaurasiya - Blue Dart Unethical Illegal

    Devansh Chaurasiya on 25 Nov 2018

    Over a period of 6-7 years I and many of my family members, friends and colleagues have observed that any courier by Blue dart does not arrive unless and until you call them and follow up. Their have been numerous instances where Blue Dart did not deliver the courier and returned it to the sender with a remark that “Door was closed” even when the address was of 24/7 functioning office or even when I have a 24 hours security guard, Blue dart mentioned Door was closed. Comments like address not f...

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  • E-Shopping / Escalation on Order no. 42321

    Mou B on 24 Nov 2018

    I have ordered a saree by october and kept following up over email but no reply. Today when i called up their customer care some mass behaved person asks me to download an app where he will take full control of my mobile. This is a fraud company. He says on my face that my order is cancelled by them long back and I will not get back my money too. Executive name is Anil kumar. Immediately take some action and refund my money for order no.42321....

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Product not yet received

    Swathi on 22 Nov 2018

    I ordered 2- 3 weeks before still not yet received.... Paid amount and waiting from long time.... I didn't get confirmation msg to my mobile... But in their website it's reflecting... Kindly check and resolve the issue...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Order no 32991 product not received

    Geeta on 22 Nov 2018

    Hi Team I have made a payment and ordered 4 saree of 399 it means 1596rs on last month itself and received confirmation mail for payment and ordered but still I have not received product and I have email regarding this but no one is responding. Please refund my money or please place the order I am expecting for you reply...

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  • Work at Home / Online scam using skill india programs by giving paper plate business

    Tejus on 21 Nov 2018

    I’m Tejus I purchased double die paper plates machine from a company called Sai Gayatri Enterprises by doing neft . As per our conversation over telephone is they will provide machine and also raw materials we have to prepare cups and return those cups. Once they receive plates they provide money. Even they told will give agreement for 1 year. Its central government schemes under skill india of our beloved prime minister narendra modi. But we have received machine but company is not respondin...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Order not recd and they cheat

    Rama Bharathi on 21 Nov 2018

    Dear all , I had ordered in Avoonik and didn't get order . They had replied telling call to some no. When.I called a guy called Manish picked and told my order is cancelled and if u want ur money pls share ur atm card no I.Haven't shared my details as I felt they are faurds. They are trying to take money and cheat . Pls don't share the card no with anyone. They will definitely misuse it. This is for ur information. Stay safe...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Ordered saree not yet delivered

    Rama Bharathi on 20 Nov 2018

    I had ordered a saree for 399/- in avoonik thru razorpay. Recd a.confirmation tat order is confirmed and. Will be delivered within 8-10 days. Till date no response and not getting reply for mail also. Can some one take action against these ppl so tat they don't end up.cheating more...

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  • Employees / I'm complaining about cheating employees by getting money for job

    Infant Nirmal on 19 Nov 2018

    Hi, I'm working in inttotal technologies inc. When I'm joining here, they asking 50000rs DD amount for security purposes!. After the few months they didn't pay any salary for employees, and pushing to work hard!. And still they are recruiting people's and getting 70000 per head!.. And the main thing! we make strike inside of the company for give us a salary!. After that he didn't come to his office and didn't saw what is going inside of that office! Only speak with employees via ...

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  • E-Shopping / Product delivey

    Janaki Prabhakar on 19 Nov 2018

    We have ordered 3 sarees On November 2nd but we couldn't see any positive tracking details on their website. Whenever I check this website there is showing your order is processing. Can I get my refund? Please help us...

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