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    jay on 19 Jan 2019 software designers are so inept, they ripped off and sold it as their own design for years. In addition, they cannot even program in PHP and their software is buggy and unusable; since 2008. I got scammed and was sold the sky and moon by Erin Thompson, who assists Peter Salzman in running this scam. The company is registered in Canada with a home address as their corporate address. In another word, it's a Mickey Mouse operation. Run!...

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  • Forex / Currency Trading / Dante De Thomasis DeThoma Financial

    dethoma on 03 Jun 2019

    Dante De Thomasis essentially commits quackery, the misrepresentation of the ability of substances, devices, services, products and expertise, if not giving any deliverables at all, in exchange for money. He has taken people and businesses for thousands of dollars and continues to do so today.Do not under any circumstances work with this individual. He has evaded numerous lawsuits, taxes and consumer agencies .We don't need newbs coming into this space being burnt by the likes of these types of...

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  • Loans / Centum One

    georgestamatakos on 09 Jul 2019

    George Stamatakos is the biggest fraud you could meet. He tells you he could renew your mortgage for you and then before you know it he does title fraud on your property and evacuates you. He even sign so many legal documents for others like lenders. He can easily create Fake documents/ID's. He steals from every single person that he works with. I worked with this man for a very short time and could not stand what he was doing. After he would hangup the phone. He would start saying what ...

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  • Business & Finances / Finance

    dombro on 13 Jul 2019

    Don’t deal with the company Dante De Thomasis. I paid money for the report and they promised to provide it quickly, but they failed. After that they only promised and took wrong sum from me. Total rip off, so stay away from him....

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