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Fake product of byjus

Posted: 17-02-2019 00:16:13Ashwini Bhelkar Kshirsagar

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Byjus Customer Care

I have purchased from byjus 6 to 12 std programme for 1 lakh .I had paid 15000 already .Remaining balance will be taken from my bank account by ecs by byjus.As I found it is only marketing scam I am not interested is this product.Counceller told me I will get worksheets according to my child's school syllabus .But when I asked mentor for worksheet she told she can't provide it.As 1 lakh cost is for tablet and memory cards only .None of byjus mentors will know your childs std in which child study...How child is performing in school.This is only a marketing company .I don't believe they r interested in giving education .So I want byjus to stop ECS deduction from my account.I also want refund of my 15000 rs which I have paid

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