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Return and Refund request not processed

Posted: 01-03-2021 00:41:31Pradip

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Byjus Customer Care

Dear Sir/Madam
We ordered BYJUs package and received it on17th Dec 2020 through First Flight Couriers bearing Air Way Bill no 101092265. On 27th Dec we have requested for return and refurn of the package due to 'answer prompt', the request was on 10th Day of receving the package will within 15 days of receiving the package.

BYJUs assured that they will check with IT to disable the prompt and this delay will not be taken into account for refund. Further discussion on 30th Dec again with BYJUs personnel mentioned that they will check with IT. This has beem continuing till recently and now the BYJUs personnel is saying that they can neither disable nor refund the money.

Further one of the employees from BYJU, Mr. David on 12th Feb agreed on the phone that process for refurn will be initiated and instructions for collecting the packge will be provided. I wrote an email on 12th Feb and follow-on email on 14th feb as well.The email is available within the attachment.

Attached is the entire communication, first request and subsequent communication starting from 28th Dec. Request your assistance for the same.

With kind regards,
Pradip B Ravi

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