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Byjus Customer Care

Today i received a call from byjus, they asked me to check your mail. As they said i checked my mail and I found as follows:
"Dear Parent,
I tried reaching you regarding the concern you raised with us. However, I was unable to connect with you on +91-9994744922. Kindly share an alternate contact number and a suitable time to call you, so that I can understand your concern in detail.
Thanking you,
Warm Regards,
Mani Sagar
Senior Manager
BYJU'S-The Learning App"
Daily I am receiving many calls so far I may attend minimum 50 calls from Byjus for this month only. Already I talked to Thiru. Mani Sagar, The Senior Manager of Byjus. I don't know why he has sent this mail. Why these people are behaving like this. They are always saying that the calls are recorded, I request these people, please check the calls. How many times I have to explain to all people. I understood many people are working in Byjus and its finance company without cooperation. Any one please tell me where can I go, Dear Mani sagar, I have spoken to you, please consider don't say as above.
With regards

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