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Byju's — learning app is not useful to answer the school book

Posted: 09-06-2019 11:58:38Poojag.rkj

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Byjus Customer Care

Dear Byjus Team,

we have ordered the Byjus Tablet learning program (order no 100620777), but my ward is not able to understand the method and the language of the video. I wish to canel the order and surrender the TAB programme, kindly do the needful asap and refund the amount paid to you;

there is few reasons for this decision:

1. Video's are not useful, even after, watching the video and answer the questions of Byjus app, my ward is not able to solve the questions of the school book on the answer sheet.

2. at the time of meeting with Byjus representative, he told us if the child will not give the correct answer of the question, then a link will be automatically appear on the screen for the new video and after watching the new video a new set of question will be asked by the system, but the learning team at Byjus told me that the new video will be provided on the request of the member /parent.

3. the consular of Byjus told that the parent can track the child's progress at any time, parents can track that how many questions solved by child, how many correct and how many are wrong. But the learning team told that the data is available with Byjus at there control center and the same will be provided to parents after closing of a month, means next month of the activity.

4. Byjus person's are just forcing to use the product irrespective of that the product is useful for the buyer or not. Byju's cancelation /refund policy said that the buyer can return the product within 15 days of trial period and the refund will be processed within next 10 days; but after talking with Mr. Rahul bist, he said that we will not process the cancelation as there is no defect in the product and suggest just keeping use the product.
I think the byjus team just want to pass the 15 day of trail period so that they will not be liable for cancellation or refund.

there is few more concerns because of all of that we are not comfortable with your suggestions given at the time of counseling, so My humble request, please Cancel the order without any more cross question and suggestions and delay and refund the amount remitted to Byjus.

Thanks and Regards

Rohit Jain


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Posted on 17-07-2019 11:28:19 scrstoresmedmtg undefined
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they are doing white caller cheating crores of rupees by false promises,


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