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Byju's — learning app is not useful

Posted: 25-12-2019 13:46:15Puneet Garg

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Byjus Customer Care

I have purchased from byjus 1 to 10 std programme for 1.44 lakh in the month of Aug. Payment is being taken from my bank account by ecs by byjus. As I found it is only marketing scam I am not interested is this product.
- Counceller told me I will get worksheets according to my child's school syllabus and can get on regular basis as per requirement .But when I asked mentor for worksheet she told she can't provide it. They can provide me only once in an year.
- Video's are not useful, Child of 1st standard does not understand the language
- at the time of meeting with Byjus representative, he told us if the child will not give the correct answer of the question, he can not move to next page. But one can easily skip that page even if the answers are wrong
- None of byjus mentors will know your child's std in which child study...How child is performing in school.This is only a marketing company .I don't believe they r interested in giving education .So I want byjus to stop ECS deduction from my account. I also want refund of my amount which I have already paid so far.

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