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BYJU'S is Trap - Beware of fraudster from BYJU’S

Posted: 18-03-2020 07:00:46NoNeedToKnow

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Byjus Customer Care

We bought the course from BYJU’S for my son for 1 and half years. BUJU’S delivered the product.
After going through all the details, we did not like the whole package and decided to
cancel the service with BUJY’S. We emailed customer service requesting to cancel the service.
BUJY’S provided 15 days of trail period. We were well within 15 days of trail period.
We mailed them multiple time, they called and said that the service can’t be cancelled even within 15 days of
trail period.
We have gone through lots of mental trauma following up these fraudster from BYJU’S.
Never invite these fraudster from BYJU’S. If you get into their trap, there is no way you
can get out of it. And once you enrolled, they will never pickup your phone.
The service provider of BYJU’S is bug fraudster. BEWARE of THESE GUYS FROM BYJU’S.

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