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  • Consumer Electronics / Product not received as per order

    Dillip nayak on 09 Oct 2019

    I have order for mii3 smart watch but I get y1 smart watch with out any catlog or specification book and y1 duplicate smart watch received. It is very cheating with customer , I want returned this and refund my money , I dont need this, plz help and my order was MII3 4G MT6739+NRF5284... Your order 25266 was successfully created, payment: Cash On Delivery, amount: 1,999.00 INR. Have a nice day, TODAYLIVEDEALS.COM. Order was in the name of dillip no..9439943675....plz help and re...

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  • Retail Stores / Charging for carry bag

    Manisha Patnaik on 10 Sep 2019

    Even after being fined for charging for bags,Today,on 10th of September 2019 as I had been to Big Bazaar,they asked me to pay Rs.7 for bag and when asked about the same,they said that they dont know anything about this and we as a consumer are bound to pay the amount for carry bag....

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  • TV, Music & Video / Not taking a return request..and not giving refund

    Shashank Shekhar on 07 Aug 2019

    Order I'd - 29925941861 Registered phone number - 6202690916 Alternative phone number - 8252327836 ordered this product from snapdeal and it's parts is missing no screw Totally fake product..Very low quality product not even 300 rs and this guys taken 1900 for this giving me fake product.. Totally cheated me And these guys not taking return request No invoice was there during delivery This is how they treat customers I want a full refund for this order or I will take legal action I ...

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  • Satellite & Cable TV / Non attending the Complain for last 10 days.

    Sankar Biswal on 25 Jun 2019

    My Customer ID is 37685801. I have lodged a Complain with Videocon d2h Customer care on 17.06.2019 at 8.38 A.M regarding non-availability of Signal. The complain was acknowledged by the Customer care with an SMS to my registered Mobile No.9937618577 bearing Complaint No.727525972. I was reminding the Customer care for the last 9 days to resolve my problem, but they made false assurance that it would be resolved soon. But to my utter surprise my Complain was closed by the Customer care on the ...

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  • Travel & Vacations / Pertaning to service

    Malay Das Sharma on 11 Jun 2019

    Dear Concern Team & government Agency, I have booked a ticket dated on 09-06-2019 online via redbus online portal having Ticket no: TN6X42589007, PNR no: 74JNRRR8 , Req ID : 9053509 ,details are given Bhubaneswar - Kolkata Sunday,09-06-19, 9:25 AM Nilamadhab Travels. On online platform bus showing AC bus, I booked according when my family member boarded the bus AC is not working as well as insect bite which cause during travel, after serval review early in red bus portal itself management n...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / ORDER NOT RECEIVED

    Rima Karmakar on 16 Nov 2018

    I have ordered a dress material from seeing an ad pop up from Facebook . The date i ordered it was on the 23th of October 2018 . I have even paid for it through my debit card . While ordering it showed delivery will be with 8 days . But i haven't received any product nor any email or message regarding the product from the company . I don't know whether its a fake company or not O need my product or amount...

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Wrong product

    Monika Saxena on 17 Sep 2018

    I ordered a wester dress which is not as shown in pic i want to return it . Neither they pick phone nor answer my mail .even when i post comment on facebook they delet it . It is worse experience of online shoping please look in to the matter ....

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  • E-Shopping / Wrost products

    Lasyamayee Garanayak on 02 Aug 2018

    I need my money back. But there is no policy to return the item. Item is totally different than the display image. Plz take action on clothing heart. Customer care no. Is not working. It seems always busy. I want my money back. Plz take legal action on this website which is a fraud company....

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  • E-Shopping / Fraud of money

    Abhisekh mohanty on 12 Mar 2018

    I gave him 49300rs towards some prize regarding but they are not refunding me and also they are not receiving my phone....

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  • Clothing, Shoes & Acc / Product not delivered

    jitu16 on 03 Jan 2018

    I ordered some products from and the seller send via FEDEX courier. and I didn't received the product. the courier boy delivered that to another guy. the courier boy not contacted me regarding this. and I also don't have courier office contact number. please help me. FEDEX tracking number 789134929991...

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