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    Hzhzhz on 08 Jun 2021

    Fabfiza Fashion customer care Helpline Number 9911263158//9883371627 available 24/7 customer support team...

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    Hshshs on 06 Jun 2021

    SparenKart customer care number 9911263158//9883371627 Any problem any question please contact me at the following ad listing has ended on June and July and August and September and I am and what not to let you know if I can be a good time to let me know if you......

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    Ranu Kumari on 15 Mar 2021 customer care number 7477869880//9883223475=online online ticket cancel online money refund money problem solve........

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    Chotks Khan on 24 Jan 2021

    Be there at the same time as the other one is a bit of the game is at the same place as last year...

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  • Airlines / Bezi Shop ford

    Gdhddh on 26 Dec 2020

    Bezi Shop Customer Care Number 8429643463.. Phone Care...

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  • Loans / Manba Finance - Very Rude and unprofessional staff

    Swati Sawant on 23 Dec 2020

    Manba staff is very rude they dont have basic work ethics or manners how to talk with customers. Charging rs.2000 processing fees for 30 thousand personal loan, and their documents collection executive says petrol prices are hiked so we can not come to your place to collect documents, you should come to meet and handover documents wherever I ask to come. And their senior staff also supports them. What a unprofessional service....

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  • Banks / First installment deducted ticket 4408857

    Vishwanath Shill on 17 Apr 2020

    Hi Team, I am still getting message and email for overdue payment. After 19th you will charge me penalty. Which i have already paid. From date of deduction daily i email you to please see my statement its already deducted from my account on 13th april 2020 and update in your system. But no response from your end. Please email or call me. Its really become severe case now from your end and as i am using first time, you are serving as rediculous service. I want reply immediately or call me 976214...

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  • Consumer Electronics / No update for my placed order

    Sunny Rohra on 26 Apr 2019

    On 24th my order was placed for mii3 watch and Bluetooth headset wireless and I have done payment, after payment still I have not received any update from your Team. The number which are given are not valid number (no one answers call ) as well as no revert on email . My request is to dispatch my parcel or refund my money....

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    ravibachani on 29 Oct 2017

    Maine loan liya tha clear kiya hai sab paise wayaj 10 percent liya abhi check dena ke liya damki de raha hai courat maine complet karo gaya uska patner vakil hai mainr tang hua un se ya to mainr aj he susita karna jao gaya itna torcher kiya jai cal karke mera no hau 9324337811 Uska officr add hai jise loan liya hai Woodland complex floor 3rd office uska nam hai raju uska no 7066701665 yeh no say cal kaefa hai aur damki deta hai bht logo say blank check lrkar torcher karta hai 40000 deta ha...

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