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  • Loans / NOC not received

    Paun Jatin on 22 Nov 2021

    Dear Sir, I paid up my whole amount of loan and settled it, but still it is showing in my cibil that loan is active and didn't received any NOC yet. Please help me with the same. Attaching the payment mail for the same....

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  • Contractors / Online

    Gopal Kumar on 07 Aug 2021

    Fashion zone Next customer care number 7477869880///9883223475=online money refund all projector return online shopping online 24 hours......

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  • Airlines / Online

    Josheb Ansari on 07 Jul 2021

    Women's Gujarat customer care number 7477869880//9883223475=online money refon online shopping online products reform.........

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  • Airlines / Online

    Hdhdjdjs Gdhdusjs on 31 May 2021

    Indie picks customer care number 7477869880//9883223475// online money refund online projector return online question any problem solve...

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  • E-Shopping / Money deducted but item not delivered

    Himanshu on 14 Feb 2021

    I ordered an item "Musical Children Carrier Ride On Toy Electric baby walker kids Swing Car with light" from website "" which was online store on Shopify on the date of 3rd February nearly about 11 AM in the morning. The item was worth Rs. 499 and it said that they usually deliver item in 3-7 days. Today I'm writing this complaint on the 14th February, 10:30 AM, because the online store is disappeared from Shopify and Shopify support can't help me. They also have my personal informati...

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  • Airlines / Online

    Rubeeya Sa on 11 Feb 2021

    MensXP Fashion customer care number 7477869880//9883223475=online money refund online project return online shopping online......

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  • Airlines / Online

    Pinki Kumari on 05 Feb 2021

    Nari shop customer care number 9883223475//7477869880=online shopping online money refund online projector return......

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  • Other / Not received mergin payment of Rs.1010.00 through 5paisa application

    Sri Sri on 26 Apr 2020

    Today I have made mergin payment of Rs.1010.00 through 5paisa application. In application I have selected payment option through paytm via net banking of Union bank of India I have paid the mergin payment But in between after bank transaction completed page displayed goback to merchant I have clicked the same. Some error created and not gone to the 5paisa . And after some time I got the massage from bank that money deducted Rs. 1010. So I have checked merchant means 5paisa app there is no recor...

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  • Car Driving Schools / Money

    Mosin on 05 Jan 2020

    I have transferred all ready money, please give money back to me...

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  • Food / Patanjali noodles

    Prashant Chauhan on 29 Nov 2019

    Patanjali said no harmful but in noodles added acidity regulator, anti caking agent, thickner and flavour enhancers E 627 & E 631 , Hydrolyzed protein (MSG) is dangerous for health so why patanjali add in noodles and patanjali is Ayurved company so why cheat their consumers ?? Please Stop adding it otherwise i stop buying noodles...

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