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  • Banks / Money bazaar customer care number 628544243

    Subhash Kumar on 14 Jul 2020

    Moneybazaar customer care number//6289544243 Kryptone v7 Tab 10 inch Order by myself on 14 june 20 ( 2 Tab ) Rs.7198.56 order no ... You visited this page on 13/7/20...

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  • Banks / Ezee bazaar customer care number//6290881256

    Sushant Kumar on 28 Jul 2020

    Ezee bazaar customer care number//[email protected] promised fakely that with in one month we will loss the weight expected by omr Kolors branch by counsellor Surya and nothing happened she was in hurry to first make money once I payed the money she did not bother about the promise she made for me and no use at all I clearly told before I join at Kolors to Surya that I will be living to Bangalore can u do it with in a month she fakely promised me and now the promise is nil and lat.........

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  • Roofing / Filipkard Customer care number 7477869880/6204933985

    Razu Kumar on 15 Jul 2020

    Ezee bazaar customer care number//( 7477869880)=( 6204933985.Kryptone v7 Tab 10 inch Order by myself on 14 june 20 ( 2 Tab ) Rs.7198.56 order no :-328683282 Also i Received call from Call center she said within a 2-3 days order will be delivered But yet Awating for the product.... India | Vashi, Maharashtra Laptops / Notebooks comments (0... American Samoa | Pago Pago, Eastern District Banks comments (0)... Albania | Luzi, Durres Banks... Albania | Korã§Ã«, Korce Banks comments...

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  • Banks / Money bazaar finance customer care number//6290881259

    Sohan MGlkh on 02 Aug 2020

    Money bazaar finance customer care number (6290881256) (9832298592) solved money refund money refund money refund money refund moneyHi, I was not able to repay cashe during covid19 crisis and in past which I cleared as per due date.Defaulted payment reminder for CLN #999990003973788 they are sending me multiple mails and recovery agents are calling me continuously. But they are not taking request . I already told them after moratorium I will repay their amount but they are not liste... Ind......

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