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Non Delivery Delivery Of Parcel Of The Invoice No - Gutl4776489

Posted: 09-01-2019 16:56:56ramesh hemavathy

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Dear Sir
I ordered the IPhone through the on line the parcel arrived in Delhi from 06/11/2018. The phone was ordered through Mr. Richards on his Mobile NO.+2347030802474.
We have released the payment whenever asked by him even though the delay of mine. Finally he forwarded the Refunding Letter for Rs.185000/-.
Now the delivery man DALAI KUMAR HIS PHONE NOS;+918884300541 AND +917214558025 and he is having my parcel and demanding another 25000k for delivery of the parcel. So far he have collected more than 175k from without any documents. Whenever I am asking it is with customs at the time of delivery only will be given to you. Already I warned him if you ask any money will go to police for that he is saying I know all the polices at Delhi Airport and giving Bribe to all. Can you please investigate him and inform the exact position, already lost of lot money on this and I am in Chennai and nobody is helping and show the way how to release the parcel and get back the money.

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