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A serious complaint on a ungracious and uncivil treatment

Posted: 08-01-2019 16:37:17[email protected]

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Barbeque Nation Customer Care

Dear Sir,

Yesterday, I visited your restaurant CP Outlet, New Delhi at 10:30 with my Bae to celebrate the win of a legal case as I am a Corporate lawyer and regularly visit supreme Court for dozens of work. My grandfather is a district judge in High Court, Allahabad. I chose this place as I heard the food served at your place is authentic and tasty but to my surprise the food (vegetarian) served was pathetic. After telling the waiters several times finally we got the starter, but for my shock, it was cold and tasteless. The way it was kept on our table was horrifying as if he has too catch the flight or something happened to him.

We both were in very high spirits to enjoy the day but because of the food everything ruined. The manager Mr. Rana, seemed ignorant about the whole episode, and I felt humiliated in front of other people sitting around me . Even my Bae was really unhappy about the whole scene. Despite reporting the same to your supervisor, he denied our claim and was rude when he asked us to look for another restaurant instead. Main course dishes were half empty and disorganized.

I request you to kindly investigate and take action against the staff on duty for their negligence and rude behavior and I need the compensation on the same. Also I will post and circulate all pictures taken on my social network and pass on this hilarious moments to all my staff, friends, relatives and if required be taken to the daily leading English newspaper keeping my grandfather in loop. I will take up the case to the Customers Forum for stringent action against your restaurant.

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