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2 wheeler claim complaint

Posted: 30-12-2017 22:08:07Nikunj Dholakia

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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd Customer Care


Bajaj Allianz Policy number: OG-17-9906-1802-00124170

Claim (Claim Number: OC-18-1901-1802-00001445).

My name is Nikunj Dholakia and i have initiated my 2 wheeler claim on 25/7/2017, all required documents are submitted (Police FIR, medical and hospital report, Insurance Policy etc), everything was clear, still i have not received any settlement amount and status shows under process,

Whenever i call survayor, he says in present week you get response and settlement amount but every week i just keep waiting and get no response

My claim total idv value on policy is mentioned as RS. 101229, and yesterday i have received letter from surveyor stating approved claim settlement amount is Rs. 25701 only but my actual cost for repair was around Rs. 60000, also all bills are submitted which i have received from company authorised service center where the bike was repaired, when i asked surveyor why they are paying less amount as my claim value is more than 60000, he says only 50% they can approve because i have taken No claim bonus on my current policy and in last year policy was on someone else's name, but i asked how does it matter because policy was taken on bike and no claim was made last year even executive also said nothing about this who explained me terms and conditions while buying the policy, even surveyor has also did not check this or else he could have rectified this issue at the same time when the policy was issued.

After this they forced me to pay difference amount of 300 which i got discount against NCB (no claim bonus) for last year, i have paid 300 rupees extra this month, still the approval amount is only 25701.

Now they want me to sign on the same undertaking form on which it is mentioned as i can not raise any legal issue and they will pay only 25701.

Please check and help me out because in accident i have lost all my savings in hospital and surgery.

Please check the attachment of policy and undertaking letter.

Nikunj Dholakia

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