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Rude, lethargic, reckless, carefree Amazon delivery

Posted: 17-08-2019 18:07:31Ajay Jani

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Amazon India Customer Care

Either the Amazon delivery wants to show they are doing. Some great job by delivering goods or they mark it as attempted or refused without contacting.this has been about 8 times in a row.

Goods come up opened and used. Worst, they bribe by Giving coupons .. no escalation matrix.
All false promises.

Customer care is not having any authority to deal with this. The product ends up getting returned due to false updation by the delivery guys. They are jerks local to Bangalore and care a damn about a person's urgency / respect.

Least bothered / good for nothing assholes just know how to suck money that's all because it's an IT metropolitan.

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