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Rejected by customer without contacting the customer

Posted: 20/11/2018 20:37:00Ravi Teja

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Amazon India Customer Care

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Good Day this is regarding order# 403-1322174- 8058712 ordered on 16/11/18 through Amazon.in.

It was to be delivered on 19/11/18, delivery executive called me . I missed the call, I called him back guided him on the address and landmark.

He assured to deliver it by evening as he did not come to my area yet. I got a call at 13:40 in the afternoon which I could not attend due to unavoidable circumstances.

At 14:00 I get a notification poped up, order rejected by customer and returnig to seller.

I called customer service they would try and connecting the order next day.

Next day I open my app to see" Returned to seller, Refund will be initiated".

I called up customer service and I get a reply that "we only said we will try to deliver the order but we did not assuri to do so".

I spoke to lead team Raghavendra and get a reply that he cannot help me in any way and assure me of getting full refund and might consider me giving a INR 200 coupon as compensation.

When I said I would like to escalate this matter he asks me to mail to [email protected] and says they may consider to help you.

And yes there was no third party courier service involved. It is Amazon transportation service delivery executive who screwed up and Amazon customer service and lead couldn't stop it from returning to the seller in 24hrs of time.

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