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Pathetic delivery system

Posted: 14-02-2019 20:31:49Bruce B

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Amazon India Customer Care

It has been 3 days now, I have also contacted the Amazon customer service, but there's no relief. They have really been troubling us since these 3 days.
I ordered some products, right after a few days they updated in the app that the delivery would take some time since the products were unavailable.
The past three days I have been receiving messages from Amazon that they are trying to get the products delivered, but since no one is available at the address thus they weren't able to.
No delivery guy ever came to deliver nor did anyone ever call to enquire.
I am so fed up with this, when I registered a complaint with them, they kept apologizing but didn't take any action. Even today I received the same message from them that they were unable to deliver. There's always someone home, it's impossible that they are unable to deliver due the fact that no one's home.
Kindly suggest what to do because this is really disturbing me each and every day

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