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Aopen 24HC1Q 24-inch Curve Gaming Monitor (Black)

Posted: 27-06-2019 18:00:01Abhishek Jain

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Amazon India Customer Care

I order this product on 18 June 2019 at 14999 Rs. I received a slightly damaged product (Image 1) {You can see a small damaged dot on screen}. Then I issue a replacement for the product and my replacement is accepted without any issue. But the replaced product is even worse than the first one (Image 2). After that, the seller increases the price of the product to 16K. I call customer care for the support, The executive who picked my call is not able to help me out in this issue so she transferred my call to her supervisor, I explained my issue to her and she keeps my call to hold for 5-6minutes for 2-3times and after that she tells me that I can only get 15K Refund from amazon side and If I want the same product I have to add 1000 more from my side and reorder it, there is no other way possible! After arguing with her for 15-20 minutes she transferred her call to her supervisor for that she again holds my call for like 5 minutes. Her supervisor keeps on telling the same things, I asked her too to compensate me with 1000rs so that I can buy that monitor again and she told me to wait for 24hrs for that after that if I am eligible I will get compensate else no way left for me except consumer court.

End Words :
Do not buy this product from Amazon this AMAZON FULFILLED seller is scamming ! he sends you damaged product and after one replacement he increases the price and there is no scope from Amazon for help!


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