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Allison Tobia From Vermont Cost me my promotion

Posted: 24-01-2021 19:59:24Robert Tobia

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Allison Tobia Vermont Customer Care

Allison Tobia from Peru Vermont and we work together Rolls-Royce Nuclear Field services. She was willing to sleep with our superior to get a promotion but I am more qualified. She goes around the office bragging about how she slept with the boss and got promoted.

Allison Tobia should be ashamed of herself. Allison Tobias parents are scammers if you put Robert Tobia or Frances Tobia into yahoo, aol or bing you will see. They tried to hide it on google but they can't escape the truth.

Allison Tobia deserves to be fired she sleeps with anyone get ahead in her career. She is not qualified at all.


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