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Airtel Overcharging me and Not migrating my postpaid connection to prepaid

Posted: 26-09-2016 11:57:37

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Aircel Ltd Customer Care

My mobile number is . I have raised a request for migration of postpaid to prepaid account a week ago. I have provided all the required documents, yet my request was rejected.

The store told me that they had not sent the document correctly and for no fault of mine,my migration request was rejected because the service representative of airtel had wrongly filled the form.

I have complained to airtel via email and they created a ticket with ID SR71557921 , but not once did they call or enquire about what the issue was. Also I have written three facebook posts, but they just give stupid templates such as we will get back to you or please give us some time to look into it In the airtel center, I was told that my account was due 73 rupees even though I cleared the bill before even raising the migration request.

Now my airtel app shows that I have paid 73 rupees extra. Airtel is exploiting customers to charge them amount for what they have not used which is why I had raised the request to migrate to prepaid ASAP. I need to retain the number, else I would have just terminated connection by now. I just want this connection to be converted to prepaid so that I won't be robbed anymore by Airtel.

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